Waltzboard: Designing Instant and Interpretable Dashboards with User Intent

Multi-Criteria Optimization for Automatic Dashboard Design

Jiwon Choi and Jaemin Jo
Proceedings of 2023 Eurographics Conference on Visualization (EuroVis, Poster), Leipzig, Germany
Invited to IEEE Pacific Visualization Symposium 2023, Seoul, Korea

Waltzboard: Designing Instant and Interpretable Dashboards with User Intent

Preprint (Under-review)
Jiwon Choi and Jaemin Jo
We present Waltzboard, an automatic dashboard design system for exploratory data analysis, which interactively reflects the user’s analytic intent. Despite the benefit of dashboards, previous dashboard design systems often require precomputation, such as training deep-learning models, and do not adapt effectively to changes in the user’s intent during data analysis, hindering quick and flexible data exploration. To overcome these challenges, we begin by introducing our dashboard evaluation framework that quantifies the effectiveness of a dashboard design based on five key aspects: Specificity, Interestingness, Diversity, Coverage, and Parsimony. We then present a three-phase optimization algorithm designed to efficiently explore dashboard designs without the need for precomputation. Finally, we present a user interface that allows the user to dynamically specify their intent and reason for the design process. The results of our evaluation demonstrate that Waltzboard not only generates a dashboard within seconds but also supports flexible data exploration to meet diverse analytic needs.

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